Top 11 Best Sentimental Poems About Family

Top 11 Best Sentimental Poems About Family

Top 11 Best Loving Family Poems | Enjoy & Share with your Friends

The Rose Family - Poem by Robert Frost

The rose is a rose,
And was always a rose.
But the theory now goes
That the apple's a rose,
And the pear is, and so's
The plum, I suppose.
The dear only knows
What will next prove a rose.
You, of course, are a rose -
But were always a rose. 



A Family Christmas - Poem by Ernestine Northover

Sitting in front of the fire, Auntie Flo's reciting a story, 
it's one about her first Christmas as a newly wed, 
the same one she broadcasts every year, 
but no one is listening.

Uncle Fred, 'out to the world' snores rhythmically
on the sofa.

Mother exhausted, having cooked the lunch, 
without help, as usual, 
stifles a yawn.

Dad, brow furrowed, is trying to piece together
Eddy's lego set, 
whilst Eddy glowers, 
after all, it was 'his' present.

Joe, playing with a set of 'disco lights'
is sending flashes of colour across the room, 
straight into Grandpa's eyes, 
making him feel even more bilious
after having consumed too many chocolates.

Grandma's knitting.
Grandma always knits on Christmas Day, 
and every other day, come to that, 
probably yet another scarf for what she believes is
still the war effort.

The cat, curled up on her lap, purrs contently, 
oblivious of the knitting needles, waving precariously
in front of his sleepy eyes.

Susan is gazing at the TV screen, .
glued, for the umpteenth time to, 'The Sound of Music' movie, 
singing every song, word for word, 
at the top of her voice.

'Turkey was nice', said Auntie, 
'I was given too much', moaned Grandpa, belching loudly.
'Your problem is, you never can refuse a second helping', said Grandma, 'so it's your own fault'.

Mother grins and asks, 
'Would anybody like another mince pie? ' 



I Love My Family So Much. - Poem by Mahfooz Ali

To be apart of a family like mine 
is so divine 
where love is shown 
hurt is shared 
our love for each other is never impaired 

we talk 
we laugh 
we cry 
but we are a family 
and we do it all together 
for as a family 
we do it all as one 

you hurt one 
you hurt all 
and as a family unit 
we will all stand tall 
for we are family 
a family full of strength 
a family full of love 
a family no one can touch 
that, s why I love my family so much. 



Family Love Forever - Poem by .Pd. is here

Have u ever thought actually
What it would be like, without a family.

Family is the only one, 
Where one experiences best of fun.
Family is an elegant necklace, 
Whose bond may appear broken
But deep inside, their hearts are still one.

When the unwanted sorrows seem longer than a mile, 
Your dear old family makes you smile.

When because of a mistake no event
Works out for your sake.
When life refuses to mend
There comes a sharp bend, 
Family gives necessary amends, 
To the family all worries can be sent.

In a fraction of time, 
Your sorrows will leave
It may sound absurd 
But you’ve got to believe.

Wherever you may be, 
You belong to the pack.
And to them you can always go back.



We Are Family - Poem by Michael J. Burt

we are family,

although we do not resemble

although i am black and you are white

although you are rich and i am poor


we are family,

even though i am democrat, and you are republican

even though your ancestors are from Iraq, and mine are from Africa

even though you teach the class i'm enrolled in


we are family,

although i'm a poet and you are a singer

although you are old and i am young

although i'm a gentleman and you a lady


we are family,

even though you praise Allah and I praise Jesus Christ

even though i love football and you play soccer

even though you are a Sagittarius and i'm a Cancer


we are family,

although i prefer rhythm and blues and you love blue grass

even though you have a car and i have a bus…to ride

although i have love and you are alone

even though you dress one way, and i dress the other

although my family loves me and yours does not know of you


we are family,

you and i are family,

me and you are family,

no matter what the difference is

family we are, forever

because we are here, and here is earth

and earth is our home

so here, we will live,

we are family.



Family Comes Together - Poem by Glaedr the poet

Family comes together

For always and forever

In sickness and in health

In poverty or in wealth

Family comes together

For always and forever

Without any reason

Anytime or any season

Family comes together

For always and forever

In death or in life

In happiness or in strife

Family comes together

For always and forever

In anger or in kindness

Whether all seeing or in blindness

Family comes together

For always and forever

Whether for work or for play

They somehow find a way

For family to come together

Because families are forever



All In A Family Way - Poem by Thomas Moore

My banks are all furnished with rags,
So thick, even Freddy can't thin 'em;
I've torn up my old money-bags,
Having little or nought to put in 'em.
My tradesman are smashing by dozens,
But this is all nothing, they say;
For bankrupts, since Adam, are cousins,
So, it's all in the family way.

My Debt not a penny takes from me,
As sages the matter explain; --
Bob owes it to Tom and then Tommy
Just owes it to Bob back again.
Since all have thus taken to owing,
There's nobody left that can pay;
And this is the way to keep going, --
All quite in the family way.

My senators vote away millions,
To put in Prosperity's budget;
And though it were billions or trillions,
The generous rogues wouldn't grudge it.
'Tis all but a family hop,
'Twas Pitt began dancing the hay;
Hands round! -- why the deuce should we stop?
'Tis all in the family way.

My labourers used to eat mutton,
As any great man of the State does;
And now the poor devils are put on
Small rations of tea and potatoes.
But cheer up John, Sawney and Paddy,
The King is your father, they say;
So ev'n if you starve for your Daddy,
'Tis all in the family way.

My rich manufacturers tumble,
My poor ones have nothing to chew;
And, even if themselves do not grumble,
Their stomachs undoubtedly do.
But coolly to fast en famille,
Is as good for the soul as to pray;
And famine itself is genteel,
When one starves in a family way.

I have found out a secret for Freddy,
A secret for next Budget day;
Though, perhaps he may know it already,
As he, too, 's a sage in his way.
When next for the Treasury scene he
Announces "the Devil to pay",
Let him write on the bills, "Nota bene,
'Tis all in the family way." 



Family First - Poem by Bonnie B Long

Friends may come and friends may go

Family is first and this I know

Putting friends first is a mistake

And not one that you should make


Family’s forever and this I know

Friends enter your life and then they go

Making friends is fun trust me with this

But not something you would miss


Love your family while they are here

Keep their love very near

Family can leave the world at any time

So don’t make yourself feel like slime


Family is here to comfort you

I know your friends do this too

Without your family you would be lost

Hold on to them no matter the cost



My Family - Poem by Jennifer Rondeau

My family will forever be in my heart,

My sister's mean the world to me,

More than life,

All I ever wanted was a complete family,

To have a mother whom I never met,

My family will always remain who they are in my heart and soul,

My family is more important than my friends and my lover,

Family will always come first,

Family is family,

No matter what they did they'll always remain family.



Family I Love - Poem by Kristina Riggs

love my family with my hold heart.
My love is Joy to love my family
Family is sad and happy and love.
Family is fun and painful and pretty.
My family is like all families we have
love and we have happiness and tears
I love my hold family
My family is like angels who fly in sky
I am grateful that I have family that loves
My family are kind and nice and fun to be
My family is painful like all familys are and
heart breaking and Evil sometimes
My family is heart breaking and deadly like
everyone else
Hey I can't stop loving my family not matter what
it coats in the family.
Way my family is just makes me want have family 
with someone be as good as they are.
But God know I love my family
and our love is great to have in life
and even know they leave he world they still
a live in my hearts. 



A Family Divided - Poem by Mary Nagy

Once more we talk about it.

How sad it's all become.

No matter how we look at it

this family is not one.


They say it shouldn't matter.

Who needs them after all?

But, please explain the pain I feel

even though I've got it all.


I see my pain and emptiness

like a hollowed out old tree...

It may seem to be standing tall

but, it's empty just like me.


There's such a contradiction

to my entire life.

I'm happy and fulfilled

being a mother and a wife.


What about 'a sister'

and 'a daughter' about that?

These are roles I was born to play.

Why can't I? Tell me that.


A family divided

that's what we've grown to be.

I've got mine and you've got yours

but we have no family tree.

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