Top 11 Best Famous Gabriela Mistral Poems of all time

Gabriela Mistral Poems
Gabriela Mistral

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To See Him Again - Poem by Gabriela Mistral

Never, never again?

Not on nights filled with quivering stars,

or during dawn's maiden brightness

or afternoons of sacrifice?


Or at the edge of a pale path

that encircles the farmlands,

or upon the rim of a trembling fountain,

whitened by a shimmering moon?


Or beneath the forest's

luxuriant, raveled tresses

where, calling his name,

I was overtaken by the night?

Not in the grotto that returns

the echo of my cry?


Oh no. To see him again --

it would not matter where --

in heaven's deadwater

or inside the boiling vortex,

under serene moons or in bloodless fright!


To be with him...

every springtime and winter,

united in one anguished knot

around his bloody neck!



Pine Forest - Poem by Gabriela Mistral

Let us go now into the forest.

Trees will pass by your face,

and I will stop and offer you to them,

but they cannot bend down.

The night watches over its creatures,

except for the pine trees that never change:

the old wounded springs that spring

blessed gum, eternal afternoons.

If they could, the trees would lift you

and carry you from valley to valley,

and you would pass from arm to arm,

a child running

from father to father.



The Sad Mother - Poem by Gabriela Mistral

Sleep, sleep, my beloved,

without worry, without fear,

although my soul does not sleep,

although I do not rest.


Sleep, sleep, and in the night

may your whispers be softer

than a leaf of grass,

or the silken fleece of lambs.


May my flesh slumber in you,

my worry, my trembling.

In you, may my eyes close

and my heart sleep.



I Am Not Alone - Poem by Gabriela Mistral

The night, it is deserted

from the mountains to the sea.

But I, the one who rocks you,

I am not alone!


The sky, it is deserted

for the moon falls to the sea.

But I, the one who holds you,

I am not alone !


The world, it is deserted.

All flesh is sad you see.

But I, the one who hugs you,

I am not alone!



Dusk - Poem by Gabriela Mistral

I feel my heart melting

in the mildness like candles:

my veins are slow oil

and not wine,

and I feel my life fleeing

hushed and gentle like the gazelle.



Anniversary - Poem by Gabriela Mistral

And we go on and on,

Neither sleeping nor awake,

Towards the meeting, unaware

That we are already there.

That the silence is perfect,

And that the flesh is gone.

The call still is not heard

Nor does the Caller reveal his face.


But perhaps this might be

Oh, my love, the gift

Of the eternal Face without gestures

And of the kingdom without form!



Death Sonnet I - Poem by Gabriela Mistral

From the icy niche where men placed you

I lower your body to the sunny, poor earth.

They didn't know I too must sleep in it

and dream on the same pillow.


I place you in the sunny ground, with a

mother's sweet care for her napping child,

and the earth will be a soft cradle

when it receives your hurt childlike body.


I scatter bits of earth and rose dust,

and in the moon's airy and blue powder

what is left of you is a prisoner.


I leave singing my lovely revenge.

No hand will reach into the obscure depth

to argue with me over your handful of bones.



Tiny Feet - Poem by Gabriela Mistral

A child's tiny feet,

Blue, blue with cold,

How can they see and not protect you?

Oh, my God!


Tiny wounded feet,

Bruised all over by pebbles,

Abused by snow and soil!


Man, being blind, ignores

that where you step, you leave

A blossom of bright light,

that where you have placed

your bleeding little soles

a redolent tuberose grows.


Since, however, you walk

through the streets so straight,

you are courageous, without fault.


Child's tiny feet,

Two suffering little gems,

How can the people pass, unseeing.



Decalogue Of The Artist - Poem by Gabriela Mistral

  1. You shall love beauty, which is the shadow of God 
    over the Universe. 

    II.There is no godless art. Although you love not the 
    Creator, you shall bear witness to Him creating His likeness. 

    III.You shall create beauty not to excite the senses 
    but to give sustenance to the soul. 

    IV. You shall never use beauty as a pretext for luxury 
    and vanity but as a spiritual devotion. 

    V. You shall not seek beauty at carnival or fair 
    or offer your work there, for beauty is virginal 
    and is not to be found at carnival or fair. 

    VI. Beauty shall rise from your heart in song, 
    and you shall be the first to be purified. 

    VII.The beauty you create shall be known 
    as compassion and shall console the hearts of men. 

    VIII.You shall bring forth your work as a mother 
    brings forth her child: out of the blood of your heart. 

    IX. Beauty shall not be an opiate that puts you 
    to sleep but a strong wine that fires you to action, 
    for if you fail to be a true man or a true woman, 
    you will fail to be an artist. 

    X. Each act of creation shall leave you humble, 
    for it is never as great as your dream and always 
    inferior to that most marvelous dream of God 
    which is Nature. 



The Stranger (La Extranjera) - Poem by Gabriela Mistral

She speaks in her way of her savage seas

With unknown algae and unknown sands;

She prays to a formless, weightless God,

Aged, as if dying.

In our garden now so strange,

She has planted cactus and alien grass.

The desert zephyr fills her with its breath

And she has loved with a fierce, white passion

She never speaks of, for if she were to tell

It would be like the face of unknown stars.

Among us she may live for eighty years,

Yet always as if newly come,

Speaking a tongue that plants and whines

Only by tiny creatures understood.

And she will die here in our midst

One night of utmost suffering,

With only her fate as a pillow,

And death, silent and strang.



Those Who Do Not Dance - Poem by Gabriela Mistral

A crippled child

Said, “How shall I dance?”

Let your heart dance

We said.


Then the invalid said:

“How shall I sing?”

Let your heart sing

We said


Then spoke the poor dead thistle,

But I, how shall I dance?”

Let your heart fly to the wind

We said.


Then God spoke from above

“How shall I descend from the blue?”

Come dance for us here in the light

We said.


All the valley is dancing

Together under the sun,

And the heart of him who joins us not

Is turned to dust, to dust.

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